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Great special effects, decent acting, and good direction go hand-in-hand with an interesting story-line.This latest offering ups the ante with two impressive pyrotechnic sequences of urban destruction as the monsters battle it out.

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The main reason for this isn't the capable if only average script, but it's choice of helmer: At the hands of sophomore feature director Fincher (fresh off the disastrous Alien 3), the film exudes style and slick production values, showing a great visual flair and narrative pacing.

Sure it's still Hollywood fluff that never quite reaches the expectations posed half-way through, but it does show those elements that made Fincher's future works like Seven and Panic Room such engrossing thrillers.

More than a scientific experiment or simple tournament, the media portrayed the match between Kasparov and super-computer Deep Blue as a confrontation between Man and Machine, with the prize being nothing less than intellectual domination.

Using a blend of news footage, interviews with experts and journalists that covered the event, and of course the larger-than-life Kasparov himself, the filmmakers dive into the history behind the competition and the stakes on both sides of the board.

As such, there's a lot of long shots of Lee's character, with either his head turned from the camera or deep in shadow to avoid us realizing that it's not Lee on screen.

Yet the camera rarely even tries to hide the fact that this isn't Lee!

If you've ever seen Star Trek you'll laugh yourself silly, and even if you haven't, there's still much to enjoy in Galaxy Quest.

Comedy: 9/10 : The apt thriller The Game has lots more going for it than what one would have expected from the premise.

This time, the camera captures the huge casualties such battles incur, and adds a bit of reality not normally seen in this type of movie.

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