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How It Works Although some websites claim to offer free background checks, they’re either being shady about their services, or they don’t have access to the same data sources that we use.

For every background report retrieved, we pay our data providers.

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It serves to protect and inform the public about potential threats around them - be it your own reputation or a dangerous date.

Public records are available to anyone - if you’re willing to wait for them!

For hardy investigators, they could hunt down previous arrests and convictions through public records, but at the time it was a lengthy and time-consuming process.

Not many singles wanted to waste hours at City Hall researching every person they met online!

We work with the best, to ensure your report is up-to-date and contains information from reputable data sources.

Instant Checkmate also has access to deep web data that isn’t available in standard search engine results.So Kris and Joey decided to create an online product that could expose important information about a potential partner’s past, before you met them face-to-face.Instant Checkmate was designed to crawl through multiple data sources, and return a comprehensive rundown of who you were really meeting up with.The subsequent media coverage captured the attention of Instant Checkmate’s co-founders, Kris Kibak and Joey Rocco.They asked themselves, What if you could check someone’s criminal history, before you met them for dinner?We’ve had reports of customers discovering a supposedly “expunged” record appearing on their background report.

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