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"The Piano in the American Home." In The Arts and the American Home, 1890-1930, edited by Jessica H. For other reference works, cite as a book or book chapter.

For more information see: Chicago Manual of Style, 14.247, 14.248 Well-known encyclopedias and dictionaries are usually cited in the running text only. "Colorism in the Classroom: How Skin Tone Stratifies African American and Latina/o Students." Theory into Practice 55 (1): 54-61.

However, if a formal citation is needed, follow the example below, separating the year and month/day.

"The Blacker the Berry: Gender, Skin Tone, Self-Esteem, and Self-Efficacy." Gender and Society 15 (3): 336-57. For more information see: Chicago Manual of Style, 15.47 Magazine articles can be cited in the running text (e.g., As Scott Spencer mentions in his May 1979 Harper's article "Childhood's End," ....) and not included in the reference list.

If only one item from a collection is cited, the details of that item can be included in the reference list and the author used in the in-text citation.

The reference list gives information about the manuscript collection only, not the individual items.

While you should always cite the format you used, the original date of the work, if known, should be privileged in the citation.

The examples below modify the format used in the notes/bibliography style, moving the year to the second position.

The Chicago Manual of Style Author-Date system is used by scholars in the social sciences and sciences.

For arts, history, and humanities, see the Notes/Bibliography system.

It was all musicians, no comics; they were happy to have me.

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