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Through Jesus Christ dying on the cross for us, we have been forgiven of all of our past sins, even sexual sin.

Through Jesus we are washed, sanctified and justified, becoming a new creation – a totally new person, free from everything we have done in the past! Our old selves have died, so to continue to sin is actually to deny what Jesus did on the cross.

For more advice on boundaries, read how to set up relationship boundaries whilst Christian dating.

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The best example of a Godly relationship the Bible gives us is Christ’s relationship with the church: presenting each other as holy and blameless, sacrificial and wholly focused on glorifying God.

Boundaries are not about what you can’t do but about what they allow you to do – grow a deeper relationship with your partner.

You may be thinking, ‘Hang on, I’ve just found someone I really click with, and you’re telling me to put on the brakes?!

’ Not exactly – we’re not saying that you should go and put in place a ‘NO TOUCHING: EVER’ rule, but it is important to remember the ways in which we can honour God in the way we do relationships – and in turn, honour ourselves and our partner.

Many hours were spent on Facetime discussing everything from faith to football and we developed a relationship that was deeper and more intimate than one fostered by kisses and cuddles alone.

Discover why setting boundaries is important or how following Christian principles can help whilst dating.

All have fallen short of the glory of God and ALL are justified freely by His grace (Romans -24).

Take this as a challenge to strive for God’s plan for your relationship.

While we weren’t having sex (or were even remotely close to that point), the guilt we felt from what we were doing prevented us from taking the time to talk to each other and actually discover who the other person was.

So, we decided to have ‘the chat’ and boundaries were drawn.

1 Thessalonians 4:7 says ‘.’ Not only does God call you to live a holy life, but He calls your partner to live a holy life too.

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