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many thanks, - Dieter Hi Dieter It is great to see you being serious about keeping your relationship with your girlfiend pleasing to God.As one poet has said,"dating is a dangerous game, temptation should be its name!

I got a “Values Violation” for having my door propped open only 4.5 inches while studying with a female Spanish tutor that I wasn’t the least bit attracted to.

Your boundaries are written in magnetic letters on your fridge.

but no where in the bible i find is there a mention of relationships and boundaries cause ultimatley back then they didnt date but girls where promsied to men for marriage ...

so i was wondering what boundaries should we set in order for us to stray away from temtation, sin and that in our relationship so that it is pleaseing to God and also what can we do to strengthen our relationship in a Godly way were we are encouraging each other and building each other in our relationships with God ???

What that looks like for every couple will be different. Each couple must seek God and decide for themselves where their standards will be.

Some couples hardly touch when dating, hold hands during engagement, and have their first kiss on the wedding day. Some couples hold hands while dating and kiss when engaged. This does not mean that each couple gets to see how much they can get away with!

Wait, so just for the record, Christians are cool with premarital spooning, right?

But your roommate’s little sister who just learned how to read probably shouldn’t be asking you, “What are boobs? What do you think about physical boundaries in Christian dating relationships?

He is the ultimate joy-giver, and his principles point us in the direction of complete joy and how to participate in a sexual relationship with someone that is exciting and fulfilling.

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