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According to The Crimson’s senior survey of the Class of 2012, 48.6 percent of women and 49.4 percent of men reported having dated zero to one person at Harvard.The lack of dating at Harvard may not only be a function of time constraints, but also one of space constraints.

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“Online dating was basically dominated by geeks,” says Sam A. Yagan, founder and CEO of Ok Cupid, and now the CEO of, was an applied math concentrator at Harvard.

He continues, “Think about it: The only people on the Internet in 1993 were geeks....

Trujano is one of an increasing number of college students who use online dating tools to enhance their sexual and romantic relationships.

From 1999 to 2009, the percentage of couples who met online surged from 10.9 percent to 23.2 percent nationally, according to a study from the University of Rochester.

If you were single in the 90s, you were cool, and you probably didn’t use the Internet or online date.” Additionally, there exists an expectation that finding a significant other should be relatively easy in a college environment, where one is constantly surrounded by one’s peers.

“Online dating here has become a sign of desperation.

Although the students who participate in online dating on campus maintain a low profile, according to Wallner, one in five students across Harvard University uses Date My School.

The rise of college-oriented online dating sites, some students say, is symptomatic of a student population that is frustrated with the social options on campus.

The stereotype of online daters as social recluses eating fast food as they hunch over a computer monitor and talk to strangers thousands of miles away still lingers in the public eye.

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