Conservative black women dating

Since many young people lack experience dating a person from another racial group, that provides fertile ground for stereotypes to persist.

In my own life, I've encountered my share of dating myths about Black men; here are a few that make interracial dating challenging: Dating a Black guy is not some silver bullet against being racist.

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They are the shaggy haired, greasy hipster types you find loitering in the Apple Store.” I laughed out loud at this because I totally know what kind of dude she’s talking about and his name is My Brother.

Anyway, this series of interviews amused me and got me thinking about the real differences between conservative guys and liberal guys, if you try and take away your own personal bias and disagreements on “the issues”.

A guy I dated in college was what I would consider an odd conservative, because he considered himself an environmentalist, but voted for Bush (no offense to Bush Lovers out there, but I think we can all agree global warming isn’t on his list of priorities).

Anyway, this dude was a perfect gentleman, until he tried to pull the switcheroo in the bedroom. A couple other guys I dated who weren’t as liberal as I am tried the same thing — is this a conservative go to move?

I could not agree more and I hope the image these couples present will encourage more people to feel comfortable crossing the color line in search of personal happiness.

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My dad wasn’t a fan, but I knew he wasn’t going to truly like anyone anyway as no one would ever be good enough for me in his mind.

One woman said, “Liberals were always happy to suggest we split the check; it must be some Clintonian socialist entitlement.

They also tend to own clothing displaying their irrational fear of Dick Cheney, and/or love for Che Guevara.

One of the women interviewed on the site agrees with me, saying, “I think that the danger with the liberals and conservatives is that if they are living in an area where they’re dominant, they can be quite set and unimaginative about their political ideas…. I’ve dated generous, bleeding heart libertarians and conservatives and sexist, annoying liberals.

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