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The location of these points will consider the thickness of the concrete and where the points are located with respect to the concrete mass.This type of vibrator will have a direct vibration effect on the formwork and the concrete, and by doing this they will normally consume more power than other vibrators.

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Normally, a concrete vibrator will be acquire knowing that you can have multiple uses for it and that can be used for a very long period of time.

External vibrators shall be used to reach the center while internal vibrator can be used to consolidate the center portion of the concrete mass.

You can use internal vibrators or external vibrator depending on the application and where the concrete is being placed.

However, there are very important factors that you need to consider before buying a concrete vibrator: frequency, power, and size.

On the other hand, excessive vibration can create bulged walls and blowouts. It consists of a steel closed and round tip with an electric vibrating element inside of it.

The tip is connected to an electric motor through a flexible hose.

In order to have best results, the diameter of the tube shall be small enough so it can be inserted in between reinforcing bars.

It is recommended to insert the vibrator into concrete at intervals of 24 inches or 8 times the diameter of the tube.

If the wall is poured in multiple lifts, the vibrator tip should go deep enough to penetrate 3 to 6 in. The tip of the vibrator is available in different radius, depending on how much rebar has been installed.

External vibrators are attached directly to the formwork at certain points.

If the SCC mixture is designed to have a higher paste content or fines compared to conventional concrete, an increase in shrinkage may occur. SCC's flowability is generally achieved by using polycarboxylate-based high-range water-reducing (HRWR) admixtures and optimized concrete ingredients while maintaining a low mixing water content in the concrete.

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