Consolidating data multiple sources

We can provide a package of solutions that include: Pivot Data has developed a set of reports focused on family offices covering multi-generational, as well as complex family structures and entity ownership.

All reports can be generated at the family level, the individual level, entity, or the account level.

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Row, "A")) 'Ensure that the row area in the target sheet won't be exceeded If rng3.

Color = vb Green Else 'target sheet is empty so copy to first row ws2.

Financial reports provide family members and management with a consolidated picture of their wealth holdings, allowing them to make fully informed decisions about their future.

Studies show that on average a manager of a family office spends over 30% of their time creating the quarterly and annual reports for the various family members.

Calculation = xl Calculation Manual End With 'set path outside the loop Str Prefix = str Folder Name & IIf(b Process Folder, "\", vb Null String) Do While Len(str File Name) 0 'Provide progress status to user Application.

Sheets If b New Sheet Then 'All data to a single sheet 'Skip importing target sheet data if the source sheet is blank Set rng2 = ws2. Find("*", ws2.[a1], xl Values, , xl By Rows, xl Previous) If Not rng2 Is Nothing Then Set rng1 = ws1. Find("*", ws1.[a1], xl Values, , xl By Rows, xl Previous) 'Find the first blank row on the target sheet If Not rng1 Is Nothing Then Set rng3 = ws2.

Our mission is to provide your organization with real time information regarding quality of your organizations data, including the who, what, where, and when of your data.

Data governance: The Pivot Data implementation is a defined process an organization follows to ensure that high quality data exists throughout the complete life-cycle.

Column) End If End If Else 'new target sheet for each source sheet ws2.

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