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Launch the program and then choose the option "Combine Files" to activate the merging windows In the pop-up window, you can either click the "Add Files" button to browse for the files you need or drag and drop the target files to the program.Once you have picked all of the PDF files you want to combine, click on "Combine" in the lower right side corner to start the PDF merging process.It also makes sending files through email much easier to digest since you will only need one attachment instead of several.

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When it is ready, click the "Combine" button to merge PDF files.

i Skysoft PDF Editor 6 Professional for Windows is one such tool which comes to mind because it is a popular option to create not just individual PDFs but also to merge PDF on Windows from multiple files to a single document.

Key Features Thies PDF Merger Even if you have never merged a PDF file before the PDF Editor 6 Professional for Mac will make it quick and easy with an easy to understand step-by-step guide.

Open this program and click the "Combine Files" button to load the merging windows.

The best way to get rid of this would be to open the PDF in Acrobat Professional ( Reader) and run it through the "Reduce File Size..." command.

This strips out any dead or unnecessary code, optimizes fonts (if two instances of the same font exist, the PDF is rewritten so that only one instance exists), and the like.

Simplicity and ease of use make this software a must have for anyone dealing with PDF files on a regular basis.

Key features include document merging, splitting, cropping, extracting, conversion, compression, and tons of other useful tricks for editing files.

On Acrobat Standard (Windows), the "Reduce File size..." feature takes the 512KB file down to 418KB, but maintains the exact same quality that the original had.

Therefore, reducing the file size after the file was combined is not a good option.

Being able to merge PDF files saves time for both you and anyone you plan on sending the files to.

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