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And today is extra-special because today is James Cook’s birthday! So let’s just say that Cook is a person who commemorates the day of his birth by giving the entire world a giant card that looks like this: And do you know what we could do?We could write a dissertation on Cook’s character development from the future — but we probably won’t do that because you’re only here for the girls kissing, aren’t you?The second series was much criticized by fans of the show for its shift from the more lighthearted tone of the previous season to more dramatic storylines, and many angry letters were sent when a major character was eventually killed off.

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[He] has delivered one gripping physical performance after another, bringing an electric authenticity to the portrayal of angry, troubled youth." He played a 15-year-old pupil involved in a sexual relationship with his teacher in the play Scarborough, first performed at the Edinburgh Festival before its transfer the following year to London's Royal Court Theatre.

Grantland writer Amos Barshad opined that among his co-stars, which included Dev Patel and Nicholas Hoult, none "ever quite matched the luminescent, leering mania of O'Connell's Cook.

So when Sid actually, you know, get close with Michelle during a sultry slow dance...

Tony pops up out of nowhere is is all, "LOL, whoops, made a mistake. The weirdest part though is that he holds Sid's hand for a bit, as if it's like...a threesome in slow dance form?

He eventually moved from Derby to Hounslow in west London, working as a farmhand in Cobham in between acting parts.

The New York Times writer John Freeman noted retrospectively, "If a British film called for a tough case, a grappler, someone with a bit of grit, chances were O'Connell got the part.

Abroad, the series airs on SBS2 in Australia and BBC America in the United States (despite not being a BBC show). Most of the attention it gained was on the back of the controversy it generated, with Moral Guardians accusing it of breaching child pornography laws and pressuring advertisers to pull their ads from the show (and they mostly listened, with eight sponsors pulling their ad revenue).

It also came under fire from critics for being what they saw as a poor imitation of the British show, especially in the acting and writing departments.

Despite all that plus lukewarm ratings, it managed to reach the end of its first season before being cancelled.

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