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"Orlando Police Department and fire department both showed up right away on the spot and helped us out, so we're very grateful they were there to help us and they're our heroes for the day," Ken Rubin said.

An additional 1-percent-of-salary payment to the Police Pension Fund to cover part of the cost for an improved disability benefit for Police Officers hired from 2010 forward will be deducted from their Feb.

And ongoing is the case of former Edison police officer Michael Dotro, who is facing trial on charges he plotted with another officer to set fire to a captain's home in 2013.

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9 paychecks, Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Patrick J.

Lynch informed members in a letter late last month.

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In the give-and-take that produced a broad contract deal on Jan.

31, 2017, he was able to get the added pension hit reduced to an extra 1 percent of salary, and last spring legislation authorizing those provisions was approved by state lawmakers and enacted by Governor Cuomo.

That deduction is part of the contract deal reached just over a year ago under which the union finally secured for its newer members a significant improvement in their pension allowances should they suffer a career-ending disability. David Paterson of a Tier 2 extender bill that had routinely been signed by Governors dating back to the late 1970s—when Tier 3 took effect for new city employees with the exception of cops and firefighters—members of the latter two groups were placed in Tier 3 of the system.

Besides requiring that they work 22 years to qualify for a full pension—compared to the longtime standard of 20 years’ service—Tier 3 sharply reduced the disability benefit from the standard for more-senior cops and firefighters of 75 percent of final average salary, tax-free. Lynch and then-Uniformed Firefighters Association President Steve Cassidy vigorously protested the reduction, which they said could leave newer hires who suffered disabling injuries trying to survive financially on as little as a day in pension benefits. Cassidy got the equivalent of the Tier 2 disability benefit, contingent on affected Firefighters contributing an extra 2 percent of their salaries above the standard 3-percent Tier 3 contribution to the Fire Pension Fund.

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