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Thus, there are validation activities which occur throughout the software life-cycle, including the development phase.

For example, a simulation of the product design may establish not only that the design cannot meet the baseline performance requirements (verification), but also that the performance requirements are too stringent for any cost-effective product designs, and therefore need to be changed (validations).

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The integration shall be verified considering the criteria listed below: a) The software components and units of each software item have been completely and correctly integrated into the software item.

b) The hardware items, software items, and manual operations of the system have been completely and correctly integrated into the system.

From the V-chart, it is clear that the key artifact idstinguishes verification activities from validation activities is the software requirements baseline.

This refers to the requirements specification which is developed and validated during the Plans and Requirements Phase, accepted by the customer and developer at the Plans and Requirements Review as the basis for the software development contract, and formally change-controlled thereafter.

Recent treatments, including ISO/IEC draft 29119, are blurring this distinction, though, so testing standards are mentioned here.

What all of this says is that, at the time Boehm wrote his paper, there wasn't a widely accepted singular definition for what is "verification" and what is "validation". Now that we know that there is some ambiguity in the terms "verification" and "validation" (and how "testing" fits into these), we can look at the diagram that Boehm presented.

Of course Boehm's original idea contradicts some standards, such as ISO 12207, in which validation I would conclude that despite many authors' opinions, I believe VERIFICATION includes testing which is done in order to check the correspondence of the specification and the program.

Validation includes testing as well but it would not be based on the specifications.

Note also that data bases and documentation are fit subjects for verification, as well as programs.) Validation - to establish the fitness or worth of a software product for its operational mission.

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