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A person can, in his own consciousness, analyze his personality and find its basic properties.

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In a narrower understanding, the personality is observed as the manifestation of “behavioral masks” developed for various situations and social interaction groups.

Hence, the manifestations of personality are the external aspect of the operation of consciousness, the subconscious, and the spirit.

We are amazed when predictions turn out right, but the truth is, we easily forget the wrong ones.

Prediction is closely related to the concept of time, and therefore reality.

Both paleontologists and futurologists often ask, “Who could have foreseen this?

” While we have a hazy understanding of the goals of biological evolution (which in no way means we cannot speculate on them), the goals of mankind's development can be defined by the needs of a particular person that might, to a certain degree, be transferred to civilization in general.We often encounter philosophers who categorically discount the existence of a conclusive and “actual” reality, as well as those who convincingly argue that time is fictional and only necessary for organizing our thought process.The absence of time as such deprives the world of the presence of familiar cause-effect relationships and eliminates those seemingly unanswerable universal questions about the origin of the universe, the existence of God, the inevitability of death, and the occurrence of evolution.We are not capable of coexisting simultaneously in several parallel realities, even if they were proved to exist.We need our immediate surroundings to be well determined to function effectively.Charges against history's credibility have been raised from time immemorial.

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