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Just as we expect our children to be mindful of their social media use, we need to abide by these rules as well. D., MPH, LCSW-R is the President/Clinical Director of Westchester Group Works, a Center for Group Therapy in Harrison, NY, and maintains a private practice.It can’t ever be overstated: Once it’s out there, we can never take it back. She is co-founder and Clinical Director of Thru My Eyes foundation, and the author of Free Your Child From Overeating - 53 Mind/Body Strategies For Lifelong Health.

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I once contacted cyberguru1370 at g mail dot com to help me hack my husband's phone because I needed to know his activities and see who he contacts and chats with..

All this was because I needed to protect him and our relationship and in less than 24hrs cyberguru was able to hack his phone and he gave me access to all his phone activities..

He argued that the medium itself encourages eroticism, and I believe that trend continues to grow.

Your smart phone, PC, or tablet can become, in an instant, a platform of exposure.

The Danger of Your Smartphone Porn sites are just the tip of the iceberg.

Consider the smart phone a potentially dangerous weapon when sexually explicit texts and photos find their way to children.Never mind seeing large farm animals having noisy and rough sex in broad daylight!I'd suggest that one reason such Internet pictures can be traumatizing is that kids in our modern world are actually overly shielded from natural displays of sex.Remember how another generation poked around for Dad’s : The plain truth is that explicit content on parent’s social media detrimentally impacts children, often injuring the parent-child relationship. How Kids and Parents Respond Whether their parent is married, partnered with someone, or single, kids still feel awkward about addressing what they saw directly with their parent.They often talk about the visual that they can’t readily “get out of their mind.” If there is a spouse or partner involved, they additionally feel in the middle of the betrayal, and feel responsible for the potential consequences of the “reveal” — especially if it results in a separation or divorce.For goodness, sake, I couldn't stop laughing when on local TV one day they showed two horses mating, and they actually pixelated out the horse genitals -- the very thing every kid on the farm could have seen up close in the old days.

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