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The Committee for the Prevention of Domestic Violence of the Government Council for Equal Opportunities for Women and Men was established on 1 January 2008 and issued the National Action Plan for the Prevention of Domestic Violence for the Years 2011-2014. The Criminal Code was amended in 2004 to include Section 215a, the crime of abuse of a person living in the same residence. Department of State 2010 Country Reports, in the Czech Republic, domestic violence offenders may face up to three years in prison, with increased sentences for aggravated assaults (U. Department of State 2010 Human Rights Report: Czech Republic). 1998 “Priorities and Procedures for Promoting of Gender Equality”.The Plan proposes measures for improvement in many areas including, but not limited to, supporting persons endangered by domestic violence, working with violent persons, society and domestic violence, and legislation. Police have received some training in working with domestic violence cases, and under the 2009 Act Law on Police No. Department of State 2010 Human Rights Report: Czech Republic and NGO Against Domestic Violence). The Government of the Czech Republic admitted that domestic violence was a form of violation of women’s human rights in a reaction to critics of the by publishing the Report of the Czech Republic about the fulfillment of the Declaration on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women, and by introducing Government Decree No. The task of combating violence against women becomes a part of “Priorities and Procedures for Promoting of Gender Equality” on an annual basis.Gender equality The Czech Government has been interested in gender equality since 1997 when it began to assert the Beijing platform of action.

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In 2003 Rosa organized a campaign of ten NGOs called the Campaign against Domestic Violence against Women, which aimed to inform about domestic violence through media.

In 2010 Rosa launched another campaign, “Come in Time,” to provide information and professional help to female victims of domestic violence.

Labour law, which prohibits any discrimination based on gender).

Men and women have equal rights in family and property.

Men who were superior to women in the ranks of employment were usually the initiators of sexual harassment.

In these cases, the sexual harassment included: sexually-oriented comments (10.9%), unwanted bodily contact (16 %), asking for a date without victim’s interest (21.2 %), sexual proposals (22.6 %) and assault (30 %).According to Eurostat data for the second quarter of 2010, women were employed at a rate of 56.1% and make up 42.7% of the current workforce, but their salaries are 26% lower than men’s on average (U. Department of State 2010 Human Rights Report: Czech Republic).Rape According to updated § 241 of the Criminal Code, rape is a crime which can be committed on women and men.Sexual harassment is a continuous problem in the field of employment in the Czech Republic because the law is unenforced (U. Department of State 2010 Human Rights Report: Czech Republic).According to 2005 research led by the Gender and Sociology team of the Sociological Institute of the Czech Academy of Science, with support of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, sexual harassment of women occurs most frequently from co-workers with a marked use of power.Domestic violence Domestic violence encompasses violence between partners- current or former, in married or unmarried cohabitation (National Action Plan for the Prevention of Domestic Violence).

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