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I was too scared to say anything to him, I just let him keep rubbing my things and pussy. ' 'Yes Daddy.' 'Say it baby, tell Daddy.' 'He wanted me to suck his cock. We didn't really have much time though.' Daddy slipped his hand inside my underwear and started playing with the lips around my pussy. It wasn't right, but the way he rubbed my pussy made me more horny and wet than Trent ever had. I sucked on the head again and went to move the entire shaft back into my mouth. I could feel my own moisture running down my thighs. Please fuck me.' He slid his cock into my dripping pussy. My big strong Daddy started fucking me slowly, letting his cock slide in and out of my pussy, it was too tight for him to fuck me at a normal pace. ' 'Yes Daddy, please keep fucking me Daddy.' 'Yes, you like it.' 'Yes Daddy, please fuck me faster.' He started pushing his cock into me harder. Keep going.' He started rubbing my pussy through my underwear as I spoke. Nothing like this had ever happened before, this was my Addy, then amn I loved and trusted. Then he asked me to go down.' 'He wanted you to suck his cock? Keep telling me what you've done.' In truth it was my Daddy making my pussy wet. He started slipping a finger in and out of my pussy. Slowly I moved down the shaft, fitting more and more of him into my mouth. I came up for air and licked his balls a little, then licked up and down the shaft of his cock, like a cat. 'On the floor.' I obeyed, he removed my top and underwear, leaving me on all fours in only a skirt. After sucking his cock I was even more wet than before. It's a punishment for what you've done.' He pushed his cock up against my pussy. I want you're big cock' 'Good Girl.' 'Put you're big cock in me, Daddy! You're going to make Daddy fill your cunt up with my come.' With he words I pictured his hot white come filling up my pussy. I exploded into an insane orgasm, shaking my whole body, while addy kept fucking me on all fours.

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The lookout it a gravel lot on the side of the road that looks out over the ocean. There were no moon or stars, only the tiniest sign of ripples to let us know there was water at the bottom of the cliff. He will take me to a movie, or sometimes for a drink now I am eighteen. If I'm even five minutes late my overprotective father will start calling me and get very angry, so we have to make sure he is never late in dropping me home. Screeching the tires it pulls out of the lot in a great hurry and onto the road.

It's a hotspot for horny teenager, gay guys and cheating spouses alike. Trent turned off the car, leaving the radio playing. I clamber back over to my side of the car and straighten my skirt a bit.

.' 'Now.' He said, rubbing my thigh again, 'What did you do then?

He pumped one finger in and out of me, then pushed in two. It hurt a little as he jammed his cock into me but I didn't mind.

Walking through the front door was the hardest thing I have ever done. If I could walk through the entry and get to my bedroom I would be OK.

Can you please come in here.' His voice was deep and commanding. What you have been doing.' That was the moment I knew I was caught for sure. 'Come over here Tilly, come to Daddy.' I did as he told me and moved closer to his chair, standing at his feet. He started moving faster and the closed his eyes a little. 'Oh, I'm going to fill your mouth with come, baby.' I felt the first salty drops on my tongue.Though this is certainly work as a suitable stand alone plot these characters and the story also references an earlier piece: https:// Please let me know your thoughts, I have at least two other stories featuring these two in mind so keeping voting and favouriting to keep the stories coming. ' If Daddy knew what I had been doing he would kill me!

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