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The return trip was probably the longest part of the odyssey.

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The monks had never seen icebergs before, so their description of them as “towering crystals” would make sense.

Severin’s boat was punctured by floating ice off the coast of Canada.

His goal was to determine if the voyage of Brendan and his fellow monks was possible.

Severin and his team tanned ox-hides with oak bark, stretched them across the wood frame, sewed them with leather thread and smeared the hides with animal fat which would impart water resistance.

More conclusive evidence of Irish exploration of North America has come to light in West Virginia. They exhibit the grammar and vocabulary of Old Irish in a manner previously unknown in such early rock-cut inscriptions in any Celtic language.” Dr.

There, stone carvings have been discovered that have been dated between 5 A. Fell goes on to speculate that, “ It seems possible that the scribes that cut the West Virginia inscriptions may have been Irish missionaries in the wake of Brendan’s voyage, for these inscriptions are Christian.

He died at the age of 93 and he was buried at the monastery in 577 A. Brendan and his brothers figure prominently in Brendan's Voyage, a tale of monks travelling the high seas of the Atlantic, evangelizing to the islands, and possibly reaching the Americas in the 6th century.

At one point they stop on a small island, celebrate Easter Mass, light a fire - and then discover the island is an enormous whale!

Brendan and his companions finally arrived at the beautiful land they called “ Promised Land of the Saints.” They explored until they came to a great river that divided the land.

The journey of Brendan and his fellow monks took seven years.

However, it did prove that a leather currach as described in the Navigatio could have made such a voyage as mapped out in the text.

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