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He's a man nobody (in the scientific community) ever heard of"[29].

This meant that Gonella had to be contacted in Turin to give his side of the story, which Gove mentions but does not quote[30].

Wolfli told Gove that, "Gonella had asked why the shroud [sic] was any different from any other important carbon dating Woelfli did every day?

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But in the Chicago Tribune article, Gonella made the telling point that Gove and Harbottle's "press conference...

[was] just an effort to intimidate" them but "It's not going to work ...

Would I have done the same if I were in their shoes?

I thought not, but one could never know unless one really were put in that position"[14]. If the three chosen laboratories had refused to date the Shroud, then Turin would have been free to find some other radiocarbon dating laboratories who would.

And as for Gove's, "I thought not", he later admitted to Donahue,"I can't disguise from you the fact that I envy the hell out of you"[15] because Donahue was going to date the Shroud and Gove (due to his anti-Christian hostility towards STURP and Turin - see 27Apr87, 15Jun87 & 10Oct87) was not!

On 15 January 1988 Gove and Brookhaven's Garman Harbottle (1923-2016) [below[16].] held a press conference at Columbia University in New York City[17] "to protest the archbishop's abrogation of the Turin Workshop Protocol"[18] and to "make it clear to the general public that some responsible scientists thought the project would suffer if only three labs were involved"[19].

On this criterion [sic] the following laboratories are selected: Radiocarbon Laboratory, University of Arizona Research Laboratory for Archaeology, Oxford University Radiocarbon Laboratory, ETH, Zurich"[22]. This alone eliminated the non-AMS laboratories" Brookhaven and Harwell. Gove consoled himself with, "Although the turnout was not large, the actual coverage by the world's press was quite substantial"[24].

Then of the AMS laboratories, by the criterion of "specific experience in the field of archaeological radiocarbon dating ... had less than Arizona, Oxford and Zurich." And "the criterion of `internationality' meant only one laboratory each from the USA, England and Europe ... But he admitted that The New York Times did not send a reporter across town to attend the conference, and its article by science writer, Walter Sullivan[25], based on a phone call with Gove the day before, "was not up to his usual standards"[26].

Their aim was to put pressure on Cardinal Ballestrero before "the three labs actually agreed to date the shroud" [sic] at the 22 January meeting, so that "he would compromise"[20].

To that end they were prepared to lie to "Senator Al D'Amato and/or Daniel Patrick Moynihan" who were "the two senators from New York State" by claiming falsely that, "inexplicably we have been excluded from the dating endeavour":"We ...

Wilson observed that all it took was for Gonella to "merely hint... he might bring in Italy's Pisa and Udine laboratories" and the three chosen laboratories "duly capitulated":"Had the three chosen laboratories held their nerve and insisted that the original Protocol be maintained, history might have been very different.

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