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for example, a necklace with the first letter of her first name or a charm bracelet would be nice.if not that you could always give her a small box of chocolates."your my valintine", or "peek-a-boo i like you", or "happy valintines day", or "your my shy guy", or you can say "open up your heart to valintines day".

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because your thirteen i do not suggest you get him anything more then $75. You generally can never go wrong with anything the school sells.

Such as, Carnations or candy boxes, with a note saying howbeautiful she is, or something of that sort.

It was first associated with romantic love in the High Middle Ages and evolved into a day for lovers to express their love by sending flowers and confections in England in the 18th century....

W ell , you should give her a Valentine saying ''I love you '' with a red rose or her favorite flower.

When you think of the french, what do you think of? Most girls in general love stuff like jewelry and flowers.

I know my bf gave me a necklace with a little gold heart last year for valentines day and im in love with it. good luck =)a good gift for a 13 year old girl (which i am) would be any piece of jewelry.either way, you dont have to go out and spend too much...It depends, are you wanting to be Romantic or more practical this Valentine's Day?You could take her to a movie or even a restaurant. It make sense but please make sure thtt this chain is real.Then drop her off at home and before you leave, kiss her. You shouldn't get her anything that goes overboard. Remember he still have friends and they will start makinq fun of his fake chain which will make your boyfirend take it off. Balletqueeny There are many different romantic things that people do on Valentine's day.Typically I feel like guys like it when we give practical gifts even on Valentine's Day. But some ideas for gifts are, cologne, tech gadgets, belt, shirt. " (answer is yes) "what do you think he is getting you point of view ( i am a girl ) is that chocolates are nice but it would be really something special if you went the extra mile, like i would absolutly cry if a boy sent me some flowers !

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