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The why’s of that question were that the sword had been given to my host as a gift, but as he and his wife were about to fall asleep, both of the saw the heads of an ancient nobleman and lady floating above them, and wanted to know if I has seen same. That notwithstanding, the sword left the house as a donation to the local temple, where I assume prayers were offered for the spirits of those whose life it had ended.

From Northern VA Yeah, but they need to have some reason to lay out the extra cash for the D3.

The Emishi were mountain-horse warriors in Northern Japan.

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At one point, Connor locates a block of folded steel used by Nakano to create his iconic sword.

It's reasonable to assume that the reason he (Connor) had been unable to craft a similar sword, despite having studied his techniques was because he lacks the magical abilities needed to create that kind of metal.

After he fell asleep, police said she started swinging a knife and stabbing him.“Whatever that guy was into, doesn’t deserve getting knifed basically.

Even if he was doing her wrong,” said neighbor Jay Meltesen.

But investigators say it was Friday night, when Lovell was ignoring her, that put her over the edge.

Neighbors were stunned to learn the quiet couple caused quite the commotion early Saturday morning.“We were like, ‘There’s no way.’ Like, are you sure it’s this family?

We see a strong demonstration of this when their contemporaries turn up on hovering skateboards and anti-grav hangliders toting giant electric swords.

It certainly doesn't seem unreasonable to assume that Ramirez told the swordsmith how to make the advanced sword in the same way that the Connecticut Yankee invented the steam engine a thousand years early.

So it is not a screenwriter's mistake, but a purposeful plot device.

We know from the second film in the series; Highlander: The Quickening that Ramirez (and all of the other immortals) are in fact alien exiles originating from an ancient alien civilisation with access to advanced manufacturing techniques and metallurgy.

to get the very edge of the blade in focus, but again, working with both the camera and the blade held by hand, it proved to be too challenging.

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