Sexchat simple - Dating a married man no sex

Emotional damage, scandalous divorce and a devastated family.

Will you be ready to take the responsibility for all these?

When a married woman gets into an illicit affair, it is either because she is bored of / unhappy in her marriage or that she has given into temptation.

The rule says that while she may be a great sexual partner and be happy & joyous with you, she won't leave her husband for you.

Sometimes people get divorced not because of another man or woman, but because they were unhappy together.

If you truly love him and feel like his loves you back, then he is worth fighting for.

But let’s be realistic about it: do the pros outweigh the cons? Many married men like the peace and stability of a married life.

Here are the top reasons why dating a married person is not a good idea: He may convince you that you’re the one and only love of his life and name a number of reasons why you are better than his wife. Regardless of what they say, they’re not ready to abandon it.No matter how sticky the situation, some men find themselves not only attracted to but in a relationship with a married woman.The reasons for this range from exciting ones such as lust and/or love to the downright unfortunate one - ignorance about her marital status.Such strong emotions as disappointment and frustration may make them tell you words you desire to hear so much.But to tell “I love you” and to really mean it is not the same.Read also: Early Marriage or Late Marriage: What Is the Best?

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