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He said, he’d tried the three–second–rule, but it wasn’t working for him.

I asked him exactly how he felt when he wanted to approach, and it turns out that the step itself …

Read More “How do I know when to apply a particular technique?

Read More I want to teach you four basic steps to keep yourself focused when you’re out practicing.

It’s a variation on the larger method taught by Neil that The Sneak and I developed for quick reference at bootcamps. The goal is to break down your interactions into small steps that you can easily remember, with …

Beware the "dating coaches" and wannabe lotharios If you've ever watched Two and a Half Men or come across a reference to "The Game" or the "Pick Up Artist Community," you know the scenario: a self-proclaimed lothario coaches an unlucky-in-dating, hapless man on how to get luckier with the ladies.

Sadly, it seems that premise has inspired a mainstream market of “seduction/date coaches” whose sole advice is to teach men how to improve their “game” for seducing women.

There are times that gifts are appropriate in a relationship. Read More To explore how social proof works within the social matrix, think back to high school and ponder, why were the popular kids popular? Read More This is not a subject for the faint of heart.

An intimate experience with two people at the same time is a fantasy for many.

So ladies beware of the players, and don’t let them win in the dating game!

“WINNING” W: Would you like him if you weren’t drinking?

So, if you really want to know if he’s the real deal and outplay the players, suggest slowing things down a bit.

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