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By asking a couple of choice questions an agency is able to create a brief statement about you that is then used to make your small ad.

It's a good way of getting the job done, but is it effective?

She (jokingly) replied accordingly and here we are five years later married with two kids.

We're not weirdoes, just two people with odd humour who met whilst poking fun at all the people who are.

I heartily recommend having a go at small ads, even if you're just after a laugh.

Richard, Crewe, UK This article made me think back a few years when I tried answering a few personal ads and I giggled to myself recalling the surreal but highly amusing time I had, as a newly single woman, meeting men this way.

Announcing to the world you're single and looking for love is not an easy thing to do and having fun is an important aspect of the dating game. I often get e-mails time-stamped in the early hours of a Sunday morning.

Bear in mind, though, there are several important things you need to take into consideration. You can almost hear the glug of a wine bottle being emptied in the background.

In my experience, a solo drinking session probably isn't the best time to tell the world you're ready for love.

When you are ready, don't rush into penning your ad.

The truth is that no matter how witty/clever the ad is, and how lovely a person might sound on the phone, the reality is only revealed when you meet that person for the first time.

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