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To reorient business around sustainability, BSR proposes its "Act, Enable, Influence" blueprint: Companiescan act by creating resilient business strategies, governance and leadership approaches; they can enable sustainability by partnering with others and reporting in a meaningful and transparent way, and they can influence by advocating for policies that "strengthen the relationship between commercial success and the achievement of a just and sustainable world."For me, the heart of this paper is about the new role for the sustainability function.No longer are sustainability practitioners and leaders the risk assessors and mitigators; they’re the value creators, futurist, change agents and coalition builders.

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BSR’s report calls on sustainable business leaders to redefine the purpose of sustainable business, from a separate function that is integrated into business to the very thing that forms the foundation of business itself.

Sustainability, BSR argues, should be used as a frame for growth and value creation.

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"We need to move beyond a 'whatever works' mindset and think carefully about governance, management structures and equipping sustainability professionals of the future with change-management expertise."We have been talking about the future of sustainable business for years, and the roles BSR outlines make perfect sense. What is stopping sustainability professionals from embracing these roles?

And why don’t their colleagues see them as change-makers who are critical to the future of business?

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