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“It’s also a very meritocratic industry: regardless of who you are, if you work hard and do well, you’ll be rewarded for it.“If you find the idea of working in investment banking appealing, don’t let anything put you off – just go for it. “I work in the Emerging Market Equities team within the Securities Division.“There is a perception of the trading floor as this aggressive, macho environment; while it can be loud and frantic at times, the idea that you have to be male to fit in here simply isn’t true.

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“Our core message to women thinking about working with us is to keep an open mind about the profession and the kinds of roles you might be suited to.

“Nothing is off limits: you might not have pictured yourself working in our Securities Division, for example, however there is every reason, as a woman, to be able to thrive in this area of the bank.

“You can usually predict around 20 or 30 per cent, but most of the day will depend on what’s going on in the world and how the markets react on the back of this.” “Having studied traditionally ‘male’ subjects all the way through school and university, it’s something I’ve always been used to and not something I spend too much time thinking about.

“I was the only girl in my A-Level computing class in Kenya and one of just six female students out of 150 on my course at university.

In fact, over the past five years we have increased the number of women in trading seats in the Securities Division each year in EMEA.

“Whichever part of the organisation you decide to join, whether it’s the Technology division or the Securities division, we’ll make sure that you’re supported throughout your career and given every opportunity to progress.“I was pleasantly surprised by the experience and it allowed me to realise that much of what is written about the industry simply doesn’t match the reality.“For example, many of my fellow interns came from what you might think of as non-traditional subject backgrounds for banking such as History, English and Drama, so there really is a place for everyone.“Under representation of women in senior positions can be a related to lower numbers of women at more junior levels.Developing a pipeline of female talent right through an organisation requires us to continue to hire more high calibre women.” “It’s important to inform women more clearly about the industry and challenge any misconceptions that exist.“The size of the female talent pool has increased in part because more women are studying at top universities; more women are studying STEM subjects; and more women want to work in banking than ever before.

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