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ET, and is available on, CBS All Access, and On Demand.You can also listen to "Sunday Morning" audio podcasts at The band has not yet responded to the lawsuit, which was filed May 2 in King County Superior Court.

I'm just kind of figuring it out."Dokoupil catches up with Styles in Los Angeles where they talk about his childhood; how he landed on the British reality TV series that led to One Direction; his musical influences; and his new eponymous CD.

The new music, he tells Dokoupil, has a different sound than what One Direction fans have come to expect."I wanted it to be honest.

According to the letter, the band has attempted to negotiate an equitable end to the business partnership.

To that end, they hired an accountant to determine the value of Staley’s share in the band – about $341,000.

Well, the cat’s out of the bag now – the singer, 28, married Brittney Marie Cole, 23, on Monday in an outdoor ceremony at Kelley’s Nashville home, the couple confirm to PEOPLE exclusively.

“The whole process has been non-traditional,” Kelley tells PEOPLE of the surprise nuptials.

Along the way he's become gossip column fodder for whom he's dating or not, and whether he's the inspiration for other artists' songs.

Despite the hit-making and pop culture experience, Styles tells Dokoupil he's still growing. "And, you know, I'm 23 and I very much feel like I'm still learning so much.

And One Direction's concert tours rank among the highest-grossing ever.

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