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The baseball glove flask was originally funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign in early 2015 and is now fully for sale on their website.

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We are collecting gently used or new baseball gloves again this year to help the children of Carlos Martinez’s home town, Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic. While growing up in poverty, giving back to his community has become one of Martinez’s passions and one of his main goals for the Tsunami Waves Foundation.

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The Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first professional team in 1869.

He also admitted that he had chosen a color as inconspicuous as possible, because he didn't care to attract attention.

He added that the opening on the back was for purpose of ventilation.

In 1884 the rival American League was founded and the era of modern professional baseball was begun.

In these early days of baseball, players were expected to take the field without benefit of protective equipment such as a baseball glove or catcher's mask. He joined the Boston Red Stockings in 1871 and moved to the Chicago White Stockings (today's Cubs) in 1876.

Unfortunately it too was plagued by financial difficulties and was abandoned in 1875.

The following year saw the formation of the National League of Professional Baseball Players (soon shortened to the National League).

For several years I had pitched in every game played by the Boston team, and had developed severe bruises on the inside of my left hand.

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