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If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. He's funny, adventurous, outgoing, and he loves to dance. All my friends think he's great and his tell me they're happy he found me. I gotta say Pisces often has a much bigger influence on me than the Aries at times.

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When he found out, he told me he was willing to admit he cared for me more than friends as well but I told him he didn't need to change or do anything. He's in a band and looks forward to meeting many girls and having experiences that I can't give him.

I would feel selfish taking those experiences away fro m him.

Both too feisty and have trouble appreciating each other unless you've seen how bad other signs are lol.

I know I wouldn't trade my Aries gal for anyone else, though 10 years ago I might have given up due to some of the fights. I generally tend to be a funny guy but she keeps me on my toes.

Full of adventure and also the need for maturity and communication. I'm ecstatic, but also treading softly as I don't want to lose it x I am an Aries woman and I have only been dating my Sag for a month, but the connection was immediate.

I have never dealt with a man who knew when I needed to be touched, held, kissed or hugged without a word from me. He goes off with his friends a lot but that doesn't bother me.I was afraid he would cheat on me as a boyfriend and that he would lose the honesty we had between us which is impossible as a couple.I wonder to myself what made him change his mind so quickly and If maybe he would think of being with me in the future.He has told me that he loves me before but as a good friend.This friend took my secret and told him despite my wishes to keep it a secret and keep our friendship above anything else.We're not rushing the wedding, it's still over a year off, but there was no reason to wait. It's now 8 months along with another 6 months till our wedding and we are as strong as ever.

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