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But…K is a self-serving, media manipulating egomaniac, and here is my proof.

When Williamson and Barrett committed to Duke, they mentioned the “brotherhood” within the program as a key reason for their decision.

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A few years ago, I went from a successful corporate employee to a multi-passionate entrepreneur, twice published author with a profitable business in .

The truth is this: Doing it on your own takes long, wastes time, money, energy and at best produces mediocre success.

That did not interest me, and I’m willing to bet that it doesn’t interest you either.

I’ve been investing heavily in coaches, mentors, conferences, books, programs and masterminds.

I admit, I resisted the idea of hiring a coach for a miserably long time because I was trying to do it all “on my own”.

I also teach you how to speak the right sales language and create a powerful client acquisition and retention process for your consulting, advising or coaching business, in addition to business growth and development in other parts of your business such as setting up your funnels and systems, creating multiple passive or active income streams and establishing a credible personal brand to encompass it all.

In this coaching program, I teach you proven success strategies as well as a step-by-step methodology to accelerate your corporate career success, land that next promotion and efficiently move up the corporate ladder toward your desired position with new levels of success and recognition.

Are you curious to hear more about whether coaching can accelerate your success toward your goals and dreams? In this coaching program, we work together to create your ideal profitable and sustainable business aligned to your creativity, passions and authenticity.

I share the step by step process on how to create, market and sell your products and programs.

I coach entrepreneurs and business owners to accelerate success and growth through Impact, Income and Influence.

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