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Looks like 2009/2010 wasn’t a good year for love but in the last couple of years we’re all feeling a bit more romantic.

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Dating confessions netscape

My confidence with women had moved seamlessly from awkwardness to arrogance in a few short, promiscuous years.

While lying next to her after sex I went through the well-worn routine of amazement, emptiness and dread.

I took a data set from a 2013 survey about online dating to see if this would help shed some light on the current trends, perceptions and success rate of finding love on the Internet.

The first question I asked the data using Splunk was “what’s the view of people who use online dating?

He describes the heady thrill of conquest, and the self-loathing that led him to uncover the real reasons for his sex addiction I met a Parisian woman in London in my early 20s who looked every inch the French film star.

She told me she had a boyfriend back home and a lover on the side. There was no doubt in my mind that I would get her into bed.

I took a different data set and created a couple of Pivot Tables in Splunk to find this out.

My first data visualization was which demographic is most likely to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I'd walk up to the best-looking woman in the street and nervously start talking.

I'd be exactly how I felt: fundamentally shy, sweet and honest.

Last year I wrote a slightly dubious love story to big data that you can read and cringe at here.

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