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Kinda frustrating because the site is for consumer use, yet when one has difficulty it appears no one has the courtesy or cares enough to bother responding to that person's questions. I've attempted several times to email POF but each time I got no reply.

They clearly state that only questions not addressed in the help section will be answered to start with.

Most little glitches or problems I think they will figure are fixed by the time they even read your emails.

But I waited and waited and go no reply and it wasnt working. I also updated my email account and it accepted it this time so I am assuming they did delete the account that wasnt working.

I dont have duplicate accounts, the other one doesnt work. Provide the original username and ask if that was the violation and if your good now. Thank you for your help :)I am not able to reply to a message, do not understand about receiving more that a certain amount of messages to be deleted, I find this site to be useless....i may be free or is it?

You are not going to get the same level of customer service on a huge free site like this that you would at e Harmony or Match where you are paying $50 a month.

They can afford large programming and customer service staffs due to the a month.

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is a well known online dating agency which markets itself as being one of the most popular in the UK and they self describe themselves as having the best success rates.

If you don't find yourself having much success using this website you can always cancel your paid membership by contacting

However if you feel the need to, follow the steps in Help. x Hi , Ive been Hit by people who email me telling me there accounts are not available or gone without any notice etc. its like one day they log on and cant so who do they contact??

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