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FOBBITs Troops in Vulnerable Tents & Trucks Get Killed and Maimed Enemy Doesn't Play our Gunslinger Games Narcissist Shooters Sees Foreign Civilians as Crap VIDEO CLIPS OF IMMATURE USMC EGOMANIACS MURDERING IRAQI CIVILIANS:

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American Flaghead Raghead Haters Wrong Men for the Job ORIGINAL SOURCE The report you've seen reported in the press on the abuse of Iraqi civilians by Soldiers and marines by the U. Army's Surgeon General is at: SOURCE Should the report "mysteriously vanish" from the website and the link does not work, you have it here: of data here on how/why the war in Iraq was lost; useful to retain when they start trying to blame the press and the politicians who wanted withdrawal, of which there are actually very few in order to cover up military incompetence.

Lou Dobbs of CNN was totally right in his outrage at the Army spin that the mental health report gives "leadership" a passing grade that sets our Soldiers up for failure with overlong deployments to Iraq.

Moral courage is the most valuable and usually the most absent characteristic in men.

I cannot count the times I've seen men who should know better than to keep quiet when unjust decisions are being made, decisions that literally affect the lives of tens of thousands of Soldiers.

Then what are we doing having clusterfucks of new Iraqi Army Soldiers march close together on parade? Obviously, these Shia-dominated "security" forces from the Shia majority factionocracy are barging into civilian homes as learned from the Americans, roughing up and killing them, feeding new recruits for the rebellion. Army Chief of Staff, General Schoomaker thinks he can order the "From Here to Eternity" garrison culture out of existence, when his modularity reorganization will result in more narcissists with rifles from trucks with lots of time on their hands to play garrison games.

Our brutality of the Iraqis matches our mishandling of the south Vietnamese and will result in the same defeat because small, sub-national conflicts cannot be done properly by big, nation-state war forces however "scaled-down". To end this, he or his successor needs to insure Soldiers KNOW WHAT COMBINED ARMS WARFIGHTING LOOKS LIKE FROM BASIC TRAINING ON, ORDER RETIREMENT PARADES BE STOPPED, re-equip our light infantry and sustainment troops with tracked M113 Gavin APCs to have non-linear battlefield protected cross-country and amphibious mobility and get rid of garrison buildings and lawn care by BATTLEBOXes.

"Never do anything against conscience even if the state demands it.

Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.

We need a Non-Linear Battlefield Stability Corps (NLB-SC) of OLDER, WISER NON-EGOMANIAC SOLDIERS living from DISCRETE BATTLEBOX FOBs out of sight of the populace who interface ONLY AS NEEDED from multiple armor-layed (not just v-hull shaping) all around, cross-country capable M113 Gavin tracks that can avoid most ambushes and what can't be avoided take some punishment and not get in a rage and fire in all directions and want to get even because their weak egos have been bruised.

We need a force that has RESTRAINT without a GLASS JAW.

This is not the only way Army and marine "leadership" (we use the term loosely) sets our men into no-win situations where their anger and frustration reaches impossible levels to control for their youth/immaturity/narcissistic values system.

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