Dating groups in quad cities

Suzon Esser of QC Love Hub, center, poses with two of the couples she has brought together over the years, Kat and Scott Swanson, left, and Ed and Val Maher. Schmidt/QUAD-CITY TIMES) “It was pretty evident knowing who would go with who. I called them ‘Yenta Bumps,’ ” adds Esser, who was known as the Seven-Minute Yenta during the speed-dating sessions that she hosted from 2001 until 2010. There’s an instinct that women especially have, and I could tell from talking to her that she really wanted to find someone for me.” After taking a break for two years, including a short-lived career as a wedding planner for same-sex couples who presumably would be visiting Iowa after the state legalized gay marriage (which had prospects as a reality TV series, Esser says), the Bettendorf woman is back as a matchmaker, but in a different way this time.

“She had a genuine interest in trying to find someone for us,” said Val Maher of Le Claire, who met her husband, Ed, through Esser six years ago. “It’s like group dates,” Esser said while sitting at Cafe Re: Fresh in Moline, which will be the site of the first Love Hub get-together April 28.

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