Dating guide scams dating a handicapped girl

You may arrive at a major tourist destination only to find a very helpful local near the entrance explaining that there's a riot/holiday/official visit at the place you want to go and it is closed.

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To avoid being held hostage by a mercenary taxi, keep your luggage with you on the back seat so you can credibly threaten to walk out and not pay.

They'll usually back down by the time you start opening the door—and if they don't, get a new driver.

In some places, taxi drivers will take you to the wrong hotel and insist it is the one you requested!

Get the correct name because there are a lot of copies and similarities in their names.

You are met in the street by people who say they are art students.

They speak English well and invite you to visit their school.

Another common mistake is to say 'no thank you', in which case they have their 'foot in the door' tactic up and running and feel that they can engage in a conversation with you.

Another trap is the "too good to be true" offers: they are almost certainly not true.

At the same time, if you do get stung, don't be too hard on yourself: you were dealing with people who knew the location a lot better than you and with people who were out to deceive you.

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