Dating how man test woman

I met this girl a couple of months ago and we started to hang out.

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If you want something more then just say so or stop calling me." Notice how this sets the tone for a relationship?

Doing nothing or being too casual creates nothing and gives her nowhere to go.

On the other hand, if you deal with it head-on, she'll know you're serious and won't Test you again unless she thinks otherwise.

This is actually a response to feeling insecure about the relationship!

It was a very odd situation (always different of course) where the woman they were seeing would pull something totally unexplainable and out of the blue, just like your situation.

I began to realize what this was, and why women do this.

Then, you see that this is about control, so you put aside the supposed "issue" and deal with the relationship itself.

The point however is to be active and involved - not nonchalant about it.

By being nonchalant about things, you are actually inciting The Test.

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