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There are several key organisations working in Creation Science e.g.

A discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of conventional radiometric dating (which yields billions of years for the age of the earth) is given at Dating the Earth.

A few of the non-conventional dating 'clocks' (which invariably point to a young earth) are also discussed.

So standard radiometric dating must be corrected for this early accelerated decay rate, reducing millions of years to thousands!

For example, the RATE project looked at nuclear-decay-generated helium (He) in microscopic zircons (Zr Si O4 crystals) and concluded: "Combining rates and retentions gives a He diffusion age of 6000 2000 years.

The clash between OE dating (millions or billions of years) and YE dating (thousands of years) centres on the decay constant K.

OE dating rests on the evolutionary concept of uniformitarianism and an assumed constant decay rate for all time. The Decreasing Speed of Light: There is strong scientific support for an exponential (rapid) reduction in the speed of light, 'c', shortly after creation, see Atomic Constants, Light & Time and Is the Velocity of Light Constant in Time? In 1999, Albrecht and Magueijo proposed a reduction in 'c' over time as a solution to cosmological puzzles.It is argued like this: The energy of emitted particles from the nucleus is related to the velocity of light through the relativistic expression for kinetic energy, and the half life of a radioactive atom is related to the energy of the ejected particle by means of the empirical relation called the Geiger-Nuttal law.Through these relations we can deduce that if the speed of light is slowing down, then the radioactive decay rate is also slowing down.Even in recent times, hundreds of measurements of 'c' since 1675 show a small but statistically significant decrease i.e. The Effect of Changes in 'c': It is well known that the radioactive decay 'constant' K can be changed i.e. In particular, Setterfield has shown that K is strongly related to 'c'.So if the speed of light slows down, then the radioactive decay rate also slows down, link.Before we question conventional earth dating techniques, and develop a scientific YE model, you may like to consider some basic questions raised by the following video.

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