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Houston was inevitably taken to court for "Contempt of Congress".Even though he gave an impassioned speech and was defended by Francis Scott Key, Houston was slapped with a fine of 500 dollars.It culminated in Chief Joseph's famous, doomed flight from the Nez Perce reservation in 1877.

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Houston never paid it - soon, he departed for Texas, to play the part of American filibuster.

Four years later, he defeated the Mexican Army and captured Santa Anna at the climactic Battle of San Jacinto.

With such a resume, we can safely consider him the embodiment of Jacksonian America.

On the evening of April 13th, 1832, Sam Houston became infamous for the brutal beating of a congressman.

William Stanbery outlived Houston by a decade, but spent the rest of his life in obscurity.

The "Second Great Awakening" and religious hysteria in the early 19th Century A preacher delivering an outdoors sermon, c. During the first half of the 19th Century, popular religious movements were a theme in American life, particularly in northern states.

Though he was reluctant to place an exact date on the supposed event, he gave into pressure from his followers.

A total of three dates in 1844 were considered; when they all passed without incident, they became collectively known as the "Great Disappointment".

It was a century of presidents and slaves, outlaws and robber barons, soldiers and Indians. This thread will become a collection of images and anecdotes about 19th Century America. According to Nez Perce legend, the men of the nation originally wanted to kill William Clark when he and a small advance party from the Corps first entered their territory.

You could spend your lifetime researching 19th Century America, and would still learn new things every day. I want to illuminate this century, both for myself, and whoever may follow the thread. However, a Nez Perce woman named Wat-Ku-ese persuaded the warriors to deal gently with the intruders - supposedly, because an earlier party of American trappers had rescued her from Blackfoot raiders.

Not all of the classes contain documents from the entire 1789-1838 period.

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