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Bricks from a group of four independently dated late medieval buildings in Newcastle upon Tyne have been tested to establish their suitability for luminescence dating as part of a wider study of the dating of post-Roman and medieval brick buildings.

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We do this by staging a series of events which brings the LGBT community, their families and friends and our allies together in an environment where we can all feel safe, happy and ultimately be ourselves.

Northern Pride is a registered charity (Charity No: 1141053) we operate with the amazing support from companies and the LGBT community from around the region.

Stimulate your senses with an escape challenge at Never Give Up!

You’ll need to work together on your strengths to complete games and escape from King Tut’s Tomb – with teams as little as two allowed, this is perfect for breaking the ice.

Head to Beamish Wild to swing between trees, cross deadly bridges and much more.

Welcome to our website - packed full of information on events, things to do and see, places to eat and stay, the latest LGBT news and advice on health matters.For an unusual twist, why not try drive a steam engine or try your hand at ploughing? Impress your date (or embarrass yourself) at Climb Newcastle, with their adult coaching sessions perfect for breaking the ice.With a two hour course set high in the treetops, this one is sure to get your hearts racing.With this unique walking tour you’ll be able to discover the history of the city as you stand in the very same spots.For a mere £10, you can rent a bicycle (with helmet) and head off on a 2 hour bike tour of Newcastle, including the picturesque River Tyne! For a rather unusual afternoon spent together, check out the various painting courses on offer at Newcastle Arts Centre!We've a great gift shop where all the profits go to support our charity, opportunities to sponsor our events and information on how you can get involved by volunteering.

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