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Finally, the night before the eclipse, there is a new moon.Also, the messenger of the gods, Hermes, is sent west to Ogygia by the king of the gods Zeus to release Odysseus and then immediately returns back east roughly 34 days before the eclipse.

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Odysseus is told to watch the Pleiades and late-setting Boötes and keep the Great Bear to his left.

Next, five days before the supposed eclipse, Odysseus arrives in Ithaca as the Star of Dawn — that is, Venus — rises ahead of the sun.

Monogamy is a thing of the past, which is such a shame because it truly is a wonderful thing.

Hooking up, talking to or seeing one person is no longer something people do.

C., close to noon local time, according to astronomical references in the epic poem that seem to pinpoint the total eclipse of the sun on the day that Odysseus supposedly returned on.

The "Odyssey" is a millennia-old epic said to be composed by the blind poet Homer.

They have to have more than one at all times just in case one of them gets tiring or some silly reason.

However the other party can not get mad that this is happening because you guys "are not dating" or "are not exclusive." The world in which we now live has so many unwritten and unspoken rules when it comes to relationships it is very hard to keep up.

We have television shows, websites, and other sources of social media to help people get back into the dating game, but some people take them for granted.

"The Bachelor and Bachelorette" follows one boy or girl on their journey to find love, but they are "dating" 20 to 25 people until they find the one.

All you're doing is not talking about having actual feelings towards one another.

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