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In the 1800s, Green Cove Springs attracted a surge of vacationers from the North, drawn to the warm mineral springs reputed to have medicinal qualities and healing powers.

Discover the unlimited recreation, celebrated history, and protected wildlife of this river, home to over 200 species of birds, including the bald eagle, swallowtail kite, and wood stork.

Once known for its worldwide shipping commerce of citrus and timber, Palatka attracted a number of wealthy northerners looking to relocate to a warmer climate.

Although this "golden era" ended in the early 1900s, Flagler's legacy remains.

Explore historic ruins, unique architecture, and the narrow streets of a city once used as a remote outpost by the Spanish Empire. Augustine, take in the wondrous setting once considered to be the “American Riviera.” See the churches, mansions, hotels and other buildings constructed in the late 1800s as an expert guide brings you through the historic districts of this stunning location.

Discover colorful floral gardens as you make your way over picturesque footbridges.

Follow Spring Run to the center of Spring Park, where you will find the city's historic spring. Travel along one of the most impressive stretches of inland waterways in the United States, the Tolomato River.

Commercial sponsorship and advertising is an authorized way for Navy MWR activities to offset the cost of programs and services.

Sponsorship is received in the form of in-kind services and financial support in exchange for public recognition, advertising consideration and/or product promotion at MWR events.

Discover the unspoiled beauty of Amelia Island, with miles of quartz beaches and rolling sand dunes.

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