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Thankfully, it's not impossible to find that sort of fulfilling love within a single person—but you need to work at it, choosing, committing to, and growing in a positive direction with the right person.As you do it, here are some studies to keep in mind about the process of dating, committing, and staying together.

And once you finally settle into a committed relationship, you're tasked with the not-so-easy job of keeping the flame lit and your partner satisfied for, well, the rest of your life!

Finding love is a tall order for any person, especially given the millennial generation's ideals; the expectation is often that you fall in love with a person who can be a partner, a lover, a best friend.

Much has been made of the plentiful "options" in present dating culture.

Flip open Tinder or Bumble, and you probably have hundreds or thousands of options within your reach.

However, while it's one thing to recognize that timing can thwart potential love, or to stay in low-key touch with romantic flames from your past via social media or the occasional text, it's another thing to consider a legitimate option.

The Paradox of Choice is real, per psychologist Barry Schwartz; sometimes, imagining too many potential dating choices will make you less happy.

Creating an impression of confidence, therefore, may have important implications for global judgments about made by your dating partner. In other words, you might think, Adopting this mentality might remove pressure that could get in the way of easy interactions. Are you in the moment when you're on a date, or are you dividing your attention, giving some to crafting a perfect self-presentation?

It might also foster selectivity and high standards for choosing a partner. By giving up the challenge of a perfect presentation — an impossible feat anyway — people with dating confidence free up their mental attention to fully engage in the conversations and interactions they're having with their partner.

In a 2017 study, researchers discovered that the strongest, most fulfilling bonds were between two people who felt like their selves.

Today, men and women have never wanted more for their long-term loves, and the essence of what millennials want is growth.

According to a 2010 study, the more a person sees and experiences kindness from others, the more they will pass that on to others. If you notice this simple reciprocity early on, instead of noticing withholding or selfishness, you're likely to have the foundations for a good, strong, lasting bond.

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