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Kerri Sackville is an Australian author, columnist, and social commentator, and – according to the Daily Mail, a ‘media personality’. She writes regularly for Sunday Life magazine, SMH online and au, on topics ranging from sex and relationships to parenting, mental health, current affairs, and whether white chocolate is real chocolate (it isn’t). Kerri’s work has appeared in numerous publications, including the Sydney Morning Herald, the Melbourne Age, the Telegraph, Maddison, Women’s Weekly Online, SBS Life,, Grazia UK, The Sunday Times UK, Bide magazine, OK magazine and the Australian Jewish News. And of course I wrote about marriage, when I was married.

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Interview Transcript Allison Kerri Sackville is an Australian author, columnist, and social commentator, as well as being a media personality – whatever that means. She writes regularly for Sunday Life Magazine, SMH online and au. It was actually really easy then for someone with talent and drive to kind of push through and be seen. And I got some work, unpaid work, but writing for Mamma Mia. And so really, I had a dream run where I had an agent approach me. I always say Twitter is such a great place to meet great people. I personally, from my perspective, think it’s brilliant that you wrote a couple of manuscripts. You sat down, you wrote a couple, and you decided it wasn’t for you. It sounds like the crazy woman who is on all the forums talking about how you can save coupons.

Kerri is the author of is released this month through Bonnier. It’s so hard now, because every second woman and her dog has a blog. Which back in those days really did give me a boost. I didn’t have to go and do the hard yards and send out my manuscript. She sold my first manuscript, the book that became . And I think that that’s a very brave and grown up decision. Otherwise I don’t know I’d do it, just sitting here writing all day. And then when I’m dating, and men say so what do you do, how do you spend your day?

Still, she sees many women who are beyond basic treatment.

“Kegels are usually not helpful in women with significant prolapse or incontinence.,” says Hardy-Hood.

“Often, by the time a patient complains about incontinence, they’ve had enough.

They’ve tried enough.” Women with incontinence problems, should be evaluated by their OBGyn or a urogynecologist, doctors who specialize in pelvic floor issues, to discuss surgical options, including minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures.Listener Shout Out Lollipop12345678900987654321 from USA: This is such a great podcast! I’m currently writing a contemporary fiction novel that I am close to completing after seeking editorial feedback though a freelance editor. So going to other pages, and other blogs, and other communities. I have been coming up with stories since I was in 2nd grade and knew that I wanted to write someday. AND the word of the week has expanded my vocabulary as a high schooler. I will then begin the querying process to agents and publishers. And then of course interacting with the people on your page. All right, we’re going to finish up today with our famous infamous media superstar top… I go to the supermarket and I’m just bowled down by people. Take notes on what your true values and beliefs are and make little, subtle changes that will eventually become a natural process as you go through life.As long as you put in the work and the effort to resolve the existential crisis, you will remain content with your life and the path you are on.When vaginal symptoms like dryness and discomfort continue to be a concern, hormone replacement can help.

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