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There are loads and loads of Gay vids to see here with all sorts of different categories where you simply can't go wrong!

Like a lot of my stories this one features a girl with really a large endowment, and through the course of the story, she learns that she likes being "on top" best, perhaps even exclusively.

No, it wasn't my boss that had me whistling and nearly skipping down the sidewalk to the door of my little apartment. It was a pretty nice day, but it suddenly seemed quite a bit too warm. " Caroline squealed like a young girl and pushed past me to run down the wooden steps. She led me down the stairs and across the parking lot to the edge of the trail the wound through the woods before meeting up with a circular jogging path around a local park. It wasn't until we burst from the woods that I pulled shoulder to shoulder with her, and that took every bit of speed I had in me.

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While I'm not the biggest guy in the world, heck, I'm one of those tall, skinny guys, I'm pretty fit and generally don't make a habit of squealing. Not for very long, but probably for too long, if you know what I mean. Her body was pretty much exposed right in front of me, lit perfectly by the bright halogen lamp above us. I felt like I could sink my face right in there and not come up 'til February. In her sky-high heels, though, she had at least an inch on me. I believe you," she nodded decisively and her frown disappeared just like that. Makes it easier." "Not always, though, I guess, huh? It makes me wonder what secrets you're hiding," she stepped closer, and I suddenly remembered my date the next night with my sweet little Julie. * * * * The next day I was so stoked about my upcoming date with Julie that I forgot all about Caroline and her bulging panties. "Well, if you're going to stalk me at least you're good enough to be honest about it! Things could be worse, even if she wasn't born a girl. " she shrugged as if it were nothing, but I could see something in her eyes.

Another boot flew down from the landing at the top of the steps that connected my unit to my next-door neighbor's. I haven't had one of those in a long time," she growled. I may have been in love with Julie, but I had a hot, nearly-naked blonde standing right before my eyes! "I guess that's what I get for dating guys off the internet," she sighed and shook her head. "What did you think I was a call girl or something? "A lot of people assume things about girls like me." "Girls like you? I'd been so caught up with chasing Julie and working my ass off at the office I suppose I never really bothered to think things through. " I jerked my head toward the stairs where her date had run away. I mean, you could be a swimsuit model or something, Jesus! "I've got her tucked away pretty good, but when I let her loose, she can scare some guys." "Oh please! I wasn't supposed to pick Julie up until seven that night, and after showering and having breakfast, I was a bit at a loss as to how to fill my day.

It hit the big guy square between the shoulder blades as he passed me. She had a husky voice just a little too rough to be called silky. I reached the top of the steps and did a double take. I've got dark hair and eyes and I'm pretty confident about my looks around most women. "No worries, Mike," she shrugged, then smiled at me. "He was a date, not one of your, err..." I didn't know what to say. Do you think a guy like that needs help writing a resume or practicing for job interviews? " she frowned at me so hard I worried laser beams were going to shoot out of those deep blue eyes. "Sometimes guys only THINK they can handle me, until they see me up close! I tried playing video games for a while, but decided that I needed to do something more active. "Were you watching out for me through your little window?

"And don't ever let me see your pig face again, Gary! The guy, who looked about thirty and covered with more muscles than a gorilla, just kept running. She'd moved in a few months ago, but I never really saw that much of her. Her customary style was professional dresses and skirt suits. Next to her dressed like that, though, and I suddenly had the urge to hit the gym and work on my abs. I'd seen plenty of men and women coming to her place, usually after normal work hours. I put on a tank top, shorts, and a pair of running shoes and headed out to take a jog. She leaned against the door frame, wearing a bikini top and shorts of her own.

We could turn our seperate ways and the whole uncomfortable encounter would be over, just like that.

" "That must suck." "It's not great," she said sadly.

As usual I'd worked my fingers to the bone trying to impress my boss.

William Danforth Carter hadn't given me much more than a grunt when I handed in my reports at half past six. That wasn't unusual for him; he was a colossal prick, after all.

I caught up to her and blessedly was able to stop running.

It was true enough, but that wasn't normally the kind of thing I blurted out. The kids and families playing on the swing sets and what not in the park ignored us as we circled them over and over on that smoothly paved quarter-mile track. " I panted as she slowed to a walk and veered back down the path through the woods leading to our apartment complex.

"I'd like to find a nice guy to date, have a real relationship and all that stuff. Sure, a lot of guys are willing to have sex with us, but to be in a relationship?

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