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Meanwhile, his baggy jeans and lumberjack shirt did little to hide the extra pounds he has clearly gained since disappearing from our screens.

Few could blame him, though, if he has been feeling the urge to comfort eat.

PLEASE DO US BOTH A FAVOR AND IF YOUR NOT KIND, PATIENT, MATURE OR ARE ARROGANT DO NOT CONTACT ME. It just really helps to calm me down after a stressful day in the workplace or school.

More and more, however, these once cosy get-togethers have begun to resemble something more akin to a self-help group than a chance to catch up over a low-fat latte.

Which is hardly surprising, perhaps, given the increasingly parlous state of their respective careers - not to mention the trio's equally disastrous private lives.

Either way, Hollywood gossip that, following a series of delays and haggling over money, plans are nearing completion to bring Friends back for a big-screen version could not come at a better time for Le Blanc and his co-stars.

Though given the actor's almost unrecognisable appearance this week when he made a rare public outing, perhaps the joke that he can't even land the role of himself might not seem so improbable.

Shortly after her birth, Marina was diagnosed with cortical dysplasia, which causes seizures and affects bones and muscles.

The actor and Miss Mc Knight split after only three years after Le Blanc admitted groping a stripper in a Canadian nightclub in 2006.

The simple fact is, he's just not getting offered good parts.' But he has not been alone in suffering what has become known in Hollywood as 'The Curse of Friends'.

Matthew Perry, who played uptight Chandler Bing, has also seen his career flounder.

He has admitted to suffering from depression, and has said he locked himself away for days on end in his Hollywood Hills home to escape the pressure of fame.

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