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The link below will take you to a website that should answer most, if not all of your Owens-Illinois dating questions. Depending upon experience or observation alone.[/align] [/align]3. I've come across bottles with an undotted 1 to the right of the logo.

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Bill Lockhart is not only an advanced researcher, he is also a bonafide "Archaeologist." SPBOB 5 However, I have to call into question the 21 which indicates the bottle was made in Portland, Oregon.

If you are an avid beach glass collector, or a collector of glass bottles, jars, cups, etc, you may have noticed an odd symbol and/or numbers on your find and didn't know what they meant. Usually, the symbols are a logo for a company, and the numbers a code for where and when the particular glass item was produced.

And yet, even with this said, the site does not answer "everything" related to Owens-Illinois bottles, which leaves me doing additional research of my own in an attempt to find the answers. But if they can put a man on the moon I'm sure we will have it all figured out one of these days. [:)] I'll do you one better: I took the book out through the local library, then I used my printer's scanner feature to scan every page of the book. Now I have a picture of each page of the book stored on my computer. It's pretty convenient too, AND I got the digital copy for free!

But for the most part the following site should answer most of your basic questions, and hopefully provide you with a more comprehensive understanding of dating Owens-Illinois bottles in general. And I am sure you will, especially if you enjoy reading the more empirical discourses as I do. If you go back to Bill Lockhart's site you will see a similar list ...

It is one of the most informative sites I know of on the subject. Because there were more Owens-Illinois glass plants than any other? Because Owens-Illinois aggressively pursued that market? [/align][/align] [hr] [/align] Here is an additional question I forgot to list and have often wondered about ... "Why" do so many of the earlier (1900 to 1933) embossed and deco-style soda bottles not have specific dating codes on them? However, they also have the "Duraglas" logo on the side, indicating them being from after 1940. So, when did Owens-Illinois realize their date code system was flawed? I believe it was even later, as the same situation occurred with a bottle from 1943. SPBOB Just for the record, I have an original (1972 Second Printing) of Julian Toulouse's book, "Bottle Makers And Their Marks," and show it here to illustrate where most researchers came up with the Owens-Illinois plant numbers and dates that are so often quoted.

I have communicated with the article's author, Bill Lockhart, on numerous ocassions and rate him as one of the most advanced researchers in his field. "Why" were the majority of soda bottles made by Owens-Illinois? Wheelah23 ~ Did you read Bill Lockhart's entire article? But I hear ya and agree there is some confusion regarding all of this stuff. Did they actually put a man on the moon or was it ... And even though it is almost identical to the one I posted earlier, this one is the real deal, but with a few subtle differences. Toulouse's 1971 "First Edition" typically sells (with dust-jacket) for about 0.00-plus. It has an amazing amount of information that I would be happy to share with anyone who has a specific question they cannot find elsewhere.

According to Wikipedia, approximately one out of every two glass containers made worldwide is made by O-I, its affiliates, or its licenses. merged into existence, the company began utilizing a new symbol to mark their products for identification purposes of recycled bottles, and for various other reasons.

The symbol, seen in the pictures below labeled Exhibit B and Exhibit C, contains an I inside an oval with an elongated diamond superimposed over it.

I am by no means an expert on the numbers, nor am I an expert on how to date glass using the numbers, but I have done a lot of research on the subject, and I am relaying the information I have acquired along my internet travels.

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