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Several places were struck by these severe storms during 1413, including Norwich, Tewksbury, Robertsbridge and Winchelsea and this was seen by some at the time as a bad portent for the accession of King Henry V although his victory at Agincourt 2 years later dispelled this.

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Dating robertsbridge

At this time they probably depopulated an earlier settlement Drigsell and moved it into their 'new vill of Robertsbridge'.

A market Charter was granted to Robertsbridge in the 13th C.

Robertsbridge is the largest of three distinct settlements within the civil parish of Salehurst & Robertsbridge It lies 12 miles north of Hastings on the A21 and has a population of approximately 2600 Salehurst the oldest settlement was recorded in the Domesday survey of 1088 as being in the possession of the Count of Eu and having land for 4 ploughs, 7 villagers and 8 cottages with 6 ploughs. and in 1176 a charter was granted to the Abbey of Robertsbridge.

At some time point the Abbott, Robert de Martin, or perhaps some other benefactor named Robert, is believed to have had a new bridge built to replace, or improve, the river crossing at Salehurst.

There is a butcher, general store, post office, hairdressers, 2 florists, a chemist, 3 farm shops and a second-hand book shop.

In addition, there is a travel agent, estate agent, a bank, a forge, a vet., an agricultural machine centre and a garden machine centre and there are numerous individual traders providing services ranging from gardening, building and computing.

Although Robertsbridge became the largest settlement, St Marys at Salehurst remained the parish church. John Wesley visited the village on several occasions and eventually 4 chapels were built within Robertsbridge; 3 of these buildings survive but 2 are now private residences.

Another inn, The Railway Tavern was built in the High Street to accommodate the Irish navvies constructing the railway but earned a reputation for drunkenness and bad behaviour it closed as a pub in the 1920s and was demolished in the 60s. The industry continues today as the Gray-Nicolls company, which supplies bats all over the cricketing world.

By the 1900s, the parish was a thriving community with shops, inns and in addition to agriculture had a number of industries including saw milling, flour milling both now ceased and the manufacture of . James Nicolls, quickly established a reputation and all the leading players from W. Like many other communities across the country, the 1st World War had a profound effect and the distinctive War Memorial clock tower, erected in 1926 records those from the parish who lost their lives in that war and the 2nd World War.

A hurricane in October 1987 caused much damage in the village and surroundings and in November 2000 severe flooding damaged over 70 properties and made more than 40 families temporarily homeless.

The earliest house dates from c.1390 and is now divided into 4 cottages - 1-4 Fair Lane.

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