Dating sakhalin

His account demonstrates Chekhov’s characteristic intelligence and sympathy, but there are good reasons why biographers pay little attention to this trip. Was he anxious to forget the audience that had rejected his second play, The Wood Demon?It didn’t directly affect his writing, except for one story, The Murder. Was he tired of Moscow’s politicized literary scene? Was he fighting boredom (a serious affliction for him) by choosing a new and risky experience?

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It is fascinating to see how countries and cities have changed their names over the decades, and the results of wars that have moved boundaries.

Some people collect globes because they often show the tracks and routes that explorers took as they learned about our planet.

These dates were compiled from Internet and book sources by Kate Register of Rice, Virginia. of Australia) 1856 - Burton and Speke discover Lake Tanganyika 1857 - John Speke discovers Lake Victoria 1867 - Alaska sold by Russia to US 1868 - Austro-Hungarian Empire established 1869 - Suez Canal complete 1878 - Serbia, Montenegro and Romania independent 1878 - Cyprus became British 1885 - Congo Free State (Congo State); Britain established Bechuanaland Protectorate in what is now Botswana. African states 1902 - Cuba independence 1903 - Panama independence 1905 - End of the Swedish-Norwegian Union (Norway independent); Sakhalin Island divided between Japan and Russia; Alberta and Saskatchewan become provinces in Canada 1907 - Eastern Oklahoma was called Indian Territory until 1907. 1918 - 1940 - Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania were independent.

This is a work in progress, and should not be quoted without verification. Southern part of Bechuanaland was called British Bechuanaland, a colony that later became part of the Cape Colony and later S. 1891 - North and South Dakota divided and Indian Territory in Oklahoma 1895 - "Rhodesia" name on Ndebele territory of Zimbabwe1900 - Cook Islands annexed by New Zealand. 1908 - Bulgaria becomes independent kingdom; Belgium takes over Congo Free State 1909 - Canberra becomes capital of Australia.

1981 - Belize gains independence from United Kingdom/Guatemala.

In 1890 Anton Chekhov, a promising 30-year-old writer, set out across Siberia to a remote prison island, Sakhalin, which was much closer to Japan than to Chekhov’s home in Moscow.

As early as 1884 he developed a dry cough and began spitting blood. During the 1880s there were many nights of violent coughing.

The death of his brother from TB in 1889 was surely a warning. Instead he sentenced himself to the hard labour of a long trek by horseback, horse-drawn carriage, river steamer and on foot.

For the sake of his health, he should not have gone.

Though he denied it, he had developed the tuberculosis that would kill him, at the age of 44.

I’ve run into it dozens of times and have often wondered what it meant to him.

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