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While supplies last you can order the .99 "Deluxe Version" which is limited edition Vinyl, SIGNED CD, MP3 download, FLAC download and a Second Motion Records sampler (includes tracks from Swervedriver, The Church, Ken Stringfellow and The Disciplines, Tommy Keene, Gemma Hayes, etc) Adam Franklin & Bolts of Melody will be hitting the road in the US in 2009 and the first tour in June will be touring with Aussie rockers The Church. Also the album is much more song/guitar driven, and to me Toshack is more this instrumental/keyboardy thing, so actually the Toshack name might re-appear at some point with music more in that original vein, but for the time being AF it is..

Full dates are yet to be confirmed but we do know it will start June 10th in San Diego and finish up around July 11th. There is also a download-only release planned in late Spring or early summer of the Jamnow radio session. The album will feature the recent Syd's Eyes single and Birdsong (Moonshiner Version), which were previously only available as Black Mountain seven inch and Shifty Disco download-only release respectively, as those tracks should be made more widely available.

Completely remastered, rare bonus tracks added, & a 16 page booklet with liner notes from the band, these reissues are tastefully done and a must have for long time Swervedriver fans and newbies alike. The package will ship in time for arrival by street date of Jan 20th. Limited edition digitally remastered and expanded digipak edition of this 1993 album featuring four bonus tracks ('Never Lose That Feeling', 'Planes Over The Skyline', 'The Hitcher' and 'Paris') and liner notes from the band. The photographs, both alone and in series could be stills from the making of a coming-of-age movie.

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4/2/2007 - Interpol's Sam Swervedriver's Adam = Setting Suns Getting to kick out some jams with your idols is any young musician's dream come true, and for a young musician named Sam Fogarino from a young band called Interpol, that dream recently exploded into reality.

The album will be available on import only in all other territories and will be available on i Tunes worldwide.

“Seize the Day” thrashes around like The Posies and Teenage Fanclub never went out of fashion; “Song of Solomon” is a charming tribute to Elliott Smith, and “Sundown” sounds more like the Lemonheads than the Lemonheads do these days.

The vocals certainly sound more weathered, and the effects rack has most likely been trimmed down a little from his Swervedriver days, but these two immediate standouts are unmistakably the sound of man enjoying his music." READ FULL REVIEW HERE ", Franklin's first proper solo album, more or less begins where we left off, albeit with the volume turned down a little.

It comes out March 31st and promises to be very strong. I've also contributed some guitars and vocals for this project.

Adam's cyber team has put up a new site at / that deserves to be visited. You can stream a track from each of his releases dating back to the pre Swervedriver Shake Appeal days. And hey, why not also check out Rol Jui at featuring Locksley Taylor from Sianspheric and Dean Williams who of course played on/recorded Bolts of Melody. And lastly, Sophia plays Holland and Belgium next week and will be touring Scandinavia and Italy in April/May and is sounding pretty rocking - Will, Jeff and Robin made up the rest of Toshack Highway when we toured the Orange Album in Europe in 2000 and the band has aged like a fine wine! So come and check out the band if we're close by at all and have some More Wine...( cheers Adam" ---------------------------------------- Link buffet: myspace We are extremely proud to announce the first signing to the label! Adam Franklin, singer/guitarist/songwriter for UK shoegazer legends Swervedriver!! 12/11/2006 - Rider by Jez is finally out: We are having another contest for a couple of autographed copies of the book and *maybe* more.Second Motion Records will be selling vinyl of it too only on the site and with Adam at shows but Hi-Speed Soul is doing it for retail. The subjects of Bush’s photographs, shot extemporaneously in diverse concert-venue locations -- lobbies, lavatories, backstage, in the audience –- are decidedly unabashed and devoid of self-consciousness.Second Motion Records is putting out the CD and will have song samples up by then too for people to check it out. Hi-Speed Soul (in conjunction with Second Motion) is reissuing Swervedriver's classic debut and sophomore albums, "Raise" & "Mezcal Head" on compact disc. While the photographs were taken during the last two years, they possess the stark austerity and grace reminiscent of the French New Wave movies of the early 1960s.From the myspace: "Originally broadcast December 2007 and titled A Soundworld of Rain this features Adam with pedal steel maestro and sometime Bolt of Melody Gerald Menke, playing measured and reverb-drenched versions of Bolts of Melody songs with a couple of Swervedriver nuggets in there also."The second Adam Franklin album Spent Bullets is released March 31st in North America on Second Motion (Cds), Hi-Speed Soul (vinyl) and i Tunes. The Toshack Highway moniker seems too unwieldy for a number of reasons - people never remember the name for starters (or pronounce it incorrectly!Release date in the UK/EU is early May through Cargo ) and it's just easier for people to remember my own name anyway.There is talk of a tour supporting Australia's The Church. Adam's new record called "Bolts of Melody" will be released in the spring of '07. Post a memory of swervedriver in this thread in the forum and you are entered.

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