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In 2008 e uk launched, finding compatible matches for singles in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.Since its launch, the site has made millions of matches that has led to more long-term relationships, weddings and even babies while continuing to grow and lead the way as one of the UK’s most popular online dating sites.

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The phone, which is said to have contained several images of Mr Baksheev posing with a female victim's head and hands, was found by a builder who handed it into police earlier in September.

Ms Baksheeva told authorities there had been at least 30 victims over the past 18 years.

At least one jar with pickled human remains, and 19 slices of skin were also discovered in the flat.

And many cans with steamed meat were found in their kitchen.

Today it was claimed that Natalia had taken her orphan husband in as a teenager and wed him when he turned 18.

Police fear that Baksheev found victims by setting up meetings on dating websites after Natalia identified dozens of victims to police.A police source told local media: "Going through the photographs, the woman has recognised more than 30 victims that they killed and eaten together with her husband."A psychologist was sent from Nizhny Novgorod to make her talk."Separate reports say Natalia was checked by a psychiatric hospital and found to be "mentally healthy"."In their home, many mobile phones of their victims were found, and also video tutorials on how to cook meals from human meat," said the police source."This woman had been working in the military academy as a nurse and supposedly she was sharing these cans of steamed human meat with student pilots."Baksheev was originally detained after a man found his phone in the street in regional capital Krasnodar and saw images of him posing for selfies with a woman's body parts."He took a selfie with the hand in his mouth, at the same time he put the fingers of the dead hand into his nose," said a police report."Then he cut one finger with a knife." A police source added: "The earliest date of their culinary experiment is 28 December 1999 – the date on one of the photographs."We can see a cooked human head at the big plate surrounded by mandarins."They put olives into the eyes and attacked a lemon to the nose."A police search found body parts in a rubbish container near the hostel where the pair lived, and a red-haired woman's head in a metal bucket, with human skin nearby. He confessed to throwing away the body parts, telling police: "I did a stupid thing."Incredible images have emerged from a 2000 expedition that captured the everyday lives of a tree-living, cannibalistic tribe who didn’t know other people existed until the 1970s.And it is even feared they fed human meat to student pilots in the military academy where Natalia was a nurse, according to reports in Russia.State investigators are seeking to verify the claims about dozens of victims after the couple from Krasnodar, south-western Russia, were detained when seven bags of body parts were found in their fridge and freezer.Unlike other dating sites, e Harmony requires its members to complete an in-depth questionnaire whose results are used to determine singles’ personality at the core to deeply match based on key areas of compatibility.

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